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Artifact_0002 extends an invitation to reflect on the transformative power of time, the pursuit of excellence, the triumph of the human spirit, and the sweetness of success. Artifact_0002 is an exploration of the magnificence of nature, the resilience of the human spirit, and the joys found in the pursuit of our own triumphs.

Top Notes

Peach Nectar

Heart Notes

Tobacco leaf


Base Notes

Charred amber wood resin

Sandalwood musk

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Charred Amber Wood Resin: The Transmutation of Time
Charred amber wood resin represents the transformative power of time. Just as fire refines wood into amber, the challenges we face in life shape and refine us. This notion reminds us that moments of adversity hold the potential for personal growth and triumph. It beckons us to embrace the alchemical process of transformation and find strength in the crucible of life.

Sandalwood Musk: The Aura of Prestige
Sandalwood musk emanates an aura of prestige, evoking a sense of golden splendor. It signifies the pursuit of excellence and the aspiration for greatness. This notion prompts us to cultivate an unwavering commitment to our craft, recognizing that it is through dedicated effort and unwavering focus that we may achieve our own golden prestige.

Tobacco Leaf: A Symbol of Success and Triumph
Tobacco leaf carries the symbolism of success and triumph, reminiscent of victory and celebration. It represents the rewards reaped from perseverance and hard work. This notion reminds us to savor the fruits of our labor, acknowledging that success is not merely an end destination but a culmination of efforts, reminding us to appreciate our accomplishments along the journey.

Oud: The Fragrant Tapestry of the Human Spirit
Oud, with its rich and complex aroma, mirrors the intricate nature of the human spirit. Like the layers of fragrance notes, our experiences, emotions, and aspirations intertwine, creating a tapestry unique to each individual. This notion invites us to explore the depths of our own being, embracing our complexity, and recognizing that our individual stories are a source of strength and triumph.

Peach Nectar: The Sweetness of Success
Peach nectar, with its delicate and succulent essence, represents the sweetness of success. It embodies the gratification and joy that accompanies the attainment of our goals. This notion reminds us to relish the moments of triumph and allow their sweetness to nourish our spirits. It encourages us to celebrate our achievements and find fulfillment in the realization of our aspirations.


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